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Growler Beers UK

Growler Beers are an independently owned retailer of craft beers and ciders. With two outlets already open in Edinburgh they are looking to expand across Scotland. 

Getting to grips with a new and exciting retail concept proved a very appetising prospect for us. Ok, so it involves craft beer and Cider - what's not to love!

We did our research, but importantly we got to know our client and there aspirations. It started with a number of concepts then we agreed that the badger was the ideal icon - badgers do growl. The growler is the bottle and they come in a rather modest 1 litre up to an impressive 3 litre. 

Growler 03
Growler Bottles 3
Ipad image Growler

We chose an urban typeface and bold colour palette. As well as the initial brand development we have designed leaflets, bottles, signage and a mobile growler bar. 

The website is fully responsive and even has an online ordering function.

Our illustration skills have also come into use - here's one of our early delivery sketches. 

Growler Biker image
Growler 02
Festival Trailer Front 03