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Edwards Vacuum

Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products and abatement solutions worldwide. 

In 2013 we were appointed lead agency for internal communications.  Since then we have produced magazines, presentations and exhibition materials. 

In January 2017 we redeigned and published the company magazine for Edwards Vacuum employees. Translated into 8 languages and distributed worldwide we created a look and feel that is more closely aligned with that of Atlas Copco - the company's parent company. 

New Connected 960x530

connectED magazine
We have produced the Edwards employee magazine since December 2013. It is translated into 9 languages and distributed to over 3000 employees worldwide. Employee communications are extremely important when there is such a large workforce operating from a variety of locations across the world. 

Although there are clearly defined sections within the magazine, Edwards' people remain the primary focus. It was been well received and in a recent survey nearly all recipients regarded it as good or excellent. 

ConnectED June 15 02
Group of Connecteds



The magazine design was refreshed after the first four issues had been published to reflect the company's revamped brand identity. 

New connectEd 01
New connectEd 05
New connectEd 04

As well as ConnectED we have designed exhibition graphics, infographics. and  powerpoint presentations. 

The English language version of ConnectED magazine is now published and currently being translated into 9 languages.  

To accompany the magazine we also designed and produced and 8pp supplement which explains the way the company will operate.

March 2016 ConnectED 960x530
Decentralised Brochure 960x530