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Doosan Babcock

Doosan Babcock specialise in the delivery of engineering, aftermarket and upgrade services to the energy sector.

We have produced brochures, branding, exhibition materials, websites and vehicle livery for numerous campaigns aimed at internal and external audiences. 

Health and Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and Doosan Babcock take their responsibility as an employer very seriously.  We worked with them to create a 32pp booklet to highlight best practice as well as the dangers of working at height. 

Working at Height 960x530

Doosan Babcock are celebrating their 125yr anniversary this year and we have created a range of materials to communicate this to employees and customers.  Four displays featuring 125 employees are located at their Renfrew site and portable displays were sent to several of their locations.

We also designed and produced a commemorative brochure which was sent to all employees featuring company milestones. 

Doosan 125 Faces Pull up 960x530
Doosan 125 Year Brochure 960x530
Doosan Chocky Bar 960x530

As part of their employee engagement we designed a chocolate wrapper and competition. Doosan are a major sponsor of the Open Golf and employees were able to win a variety of golf related prizes. 

Spark Magazine
We designed and produced the company magazine - not only in English but in German, Czech and Polish. 

The Doosan Way
Internal communications are essential for an organisation with over 6,000 employees. The Doosan Way lays the foundations for the growth of the company. We created a commemorative pack which highlights how far the company has come since the launch of the programme.

Doosan Spark 01
Doosan Team Doosan Pack 960x530

Since 2013 we have produced a commemorative yearbook on behalf of Doosan Babcock. It charts the successes of the organisation with a strong emphasis on how individuals and teams have contributed.

The first edition was casebound and presented to employees and visitors. 

Doosan Yearbook 05
Doosan Yearbook 02
Doosan Yearbook 04

The 2014 edition was sectioned to highlight specific achievements; contract wins, awards, health and safety, corporate social responsibility and long service. 

We are currently working on the 2015 issue which will be distributed in early 2016. 

Doosan Yearbook 2014 04
Doosan Yearbook 2014 02

Doosan are a major sponsor of the Open Golf Championship. We devised and created an interactive way of engaging with their employees. It involved creating a putting green with oversized props that could be transported to exhibitions with a removable backdrop which is updated year on year. 

We illustrated competition cards that were distributed in the June edition of Spark magazine, reminiscent of cigarette cards - or the ones you found in Brook Bond tea (if you're old enough to remember!)

Doosan Golf 04
Doosan Golf 02
Doosan Golf 06