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Amity Fish Company

Amity Fish Company was established by Jimmy Buchan, star of the BBC TV series - Trawlermen.  We  have been working with Jimmy to revitalise his brand as well as his website as well as packaging for his wholetail langoustine scampi. 

We revitalised the brand identity for Amity Fish Company in close collaboration with Jimmy Buchan. A well respected fisherman based in Peterhead and also star of the BBC TV series - Trawlermen. 

Once the brand was approved we began working on the packaging for his premium quality wholetail langoustine scampi. It captures the provenance from sea to plate - from he skipper to the trawler and ultimately the premium quality produce. 

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To support the brand we are also producing a range of marketing collateral - the website is currently in progress as well as support literatute. 

We've just launched the Amity Fish website https://www.amityfish.co.uk/ it's worth a trawl! 

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